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Fixing Broken Portfolios: Case Studies

Consider the following case studies. They reveal how common it is for intelligent and successful people to end up with broken and dysfunctional portfolios. Fund names have been changed.

Balanced Fund


  • In their early 50s
  • Have accumulated a $2,100,000 portfolio
  • 98% of their total portfolio is invested in the CBC Monthly Income Balanced Fund, which includes non-registered, corporate, and RSP accounts
  • Frustrated with investment results

Portfolio Turnover


  • In their early 60s and preparing to retire
  • Frustrated with portfolio results and volatility through difficult markets of 2007–2009
  • Concerned with the amount of trading in their mutual funds
  • Portfolio concentrated in Cosmic mutual funds

Mutual Fund Charges


  • Clients in their late 50s
  • Owner/manager of a successful pipeline company
  • Portfolio worth $2,600,000
  • Frustrated with portfolio returns