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Frustrated Investors

frustrated investor

The Index House is passionate about helping frustrated investors achieve better results through the application of good consumer and investor practices. Referred to as, "fixing broken portfolios," we find that investor frustration is usually a function of two things...

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Enlightened Investors

Enlightened investors question the traditional approach to portfolio management offered by large banks, brokerage firms and mutual fund companies. They know that advice in the form of product recommendations, obscure disclosure of costs and weak reporting benefit the investment industry and less so investors.

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Prudent Trustees

Trustees who make investment decisions for Family Trusts, Pension Plans, Charities, Foundations and alike are subject to the Prudent Investor Rule (PIR). Described as the legal application of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), the PIR provides trustees with sophisticated guidelines for making investment decisions and a new standard for determining liability.

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How You're Protected

Clients of the Index House have their portfolio (cash and securities) held at a separate financial institution called a Custodian (National Bank Correspondent Network, a division of National Bank). The Index House and Advisors are registered with provincial securities commissions as required by law.

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